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As a non-profit, and due to COVID and other extenuating circumstances, the level of maintenance for the camp has never been higher. And while we have "I Love Camp" work weeks established and are happy to invite volunteers up at anytime, the costs of our equipment needs can sometimes be an issue. We really appreciate it when our friends can donate to RCP, and love when they find value in giving to specific projects or equipment. Below you will see some of our specific needs. We appreciate your consideration and, of course, we will provide you a tax deduction receipt for the value of anything donated. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to or call 831-338-2134 and connect to facilities.


Amazon Shopping List

$ Varies

We appreciate your interest in helping out - please see our needs list over at Amazon!


Branson Backhoe Attachment


We do a LOT of digging around camp. We have been gifted a great tractor recently but could really use a backhoe. 


Cargo Van


Our housekeeping team could really use a larger van to keep their equipment in as they move around the different facilities at camp. This would hopefully have low access and able to support the size of an extractor. Supporting 2-4 people as well as plenty of storage access in the rear is vital.


(image is an example)


Vertical Log Splitter


As one could imagine, living up here in the mountains means a lot of trees. And with the storms, especially lately, a lot have come down. We have a LOT of logs to cut and split. And some of them are pretty massive.


(image is an example)


Industrial Chipper


As with the splitter, the other need comes from having a LOT of downed limbs. We really need something that can chip at least 6" limbs and perhaps up to even 10" based on some pieces that might not be usable as firewood.


(image is an example)


Utility Vehicle


A good four-wheel drive utility vehicle would be useful for getting around the trails and managing our acreage! 

(image is an example)

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