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Redwood trees are some of the tallest in the world, but they have shallow roots. In fact, most of these giants’ roots are shallower than the deep end of the RCP pool! How do they stay upright? By partnering with others. The reason you’ll see redwoods so close together at RCP is because they’re holding each other up. The roots of each tree stretch out to the roots of its neighbor, intertwining and becoming stronger together. Because of their community, these trees are able to stand tall through the storms that come.

Just like the redwood trees, RCP is sustained through community and connections with others. When you support our mission with a monthly donation, you become part of the root system that keeps us standing tall. Donors help keep camps affordable so that people from all walks of life can experience God’s presence here. Because of the generosity and commitment of many people, RCP has been able to endure through storms both figurative and literal. Consider a monthly gift of any amount to join with others in sustaining Redwood Christian Park for generations to come.

To make your donation monthly and join the RCP Roots, check the box next to “Make this a monthly donation” on the payment screen. We are so grateful for your support!

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